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Merry Christmas from the Bombers’ Notebook (also, a pre-defunct Rare). Now with proper accompaniment:   Coming up next week: Zelda, altruism, and blog names. Topical! Advertisements

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No one man should have all that power

In a recent review of Saint’s Row: the Third, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling misinterprets one of his favorite games. Speaking of the protagonist’s return to the world of crime, he states that the player takes on the role of an “irredeemable … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure: the amorality of New Vegas

But hey, not my fault I can’t say no! – Yes Man, Fallout: New Vegas The┬áreal Fallout 3, the last great WRPG, that really buggy game made by a developer no one knows about. Somehow, New Vegas has wormed itself … Continue reading

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What have I done?

“Just another site,” sure. But this one’s about video games! Let’s talk about those.

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