But wait! There’s more!

An addendum to the previous discussion, as Foucault has more surprises at hand. 

In concrete terms, starting in the seventeenth century, this power over life evolved in two basic forms…One of these poles–the first to be formed, it seems–centered on the body as a machine: its disciplining, the optimization of its capabilities, the extortion of its forces, the parallel increase of its usefulness and its docility, its integration into systems of efficient and economic controls, all this was ensured by the procedures of power that characterizes the disciplines: an anatomo-politics of the human body.

Considering Denton’s creation, can we deem Deus Ex’s America a post-sexual society? It would seem so, as transhumanism would effectively negate the need for procreation. More interesting still is how this fits into the roles of power already discussed: if the protagonist-player is a culmination of Majestic 12’s power, is his merging with Helios a viable option when placed under intense scrutiny? It’s difficult to say, though it’s telling that Eidos removed it from the canon.

Up next:  Surprises! Hopefully.

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