Checking our pulse

First: Within the next week I will be posting a two-part discussion of Remedy’s Alan Wake. I’ve struggled for a long time (let’s say two months) with how to present what has turned out to be somewhat of an essay, and I finally realized that in the blogosphere it is perfectly acceptable to chop your work up and let it loose at random.

I also realized that churning out long pieces every two months is a shoddy way to write a blog, which leads me to my second point:

Because I love video games, and because I love writing/arguing/talking about video games, I want to create something more than a body of work that a few people read here and there. I’m an avid follower of WordPress’ reader feed, and, like many, I’ve come to rely more on individual blogs than popular video game sites for my intellectual cravings. Which is why I’ve come to WordPress to propose a question, one that I’ve admittedly stolen from better writers than myself.

What would your ideal video game publication, blog, or community look like?

I ask this not only because I want to expand the interests of the Bombers’ Notebook, but because I cannot find an answer that satisfies me. I enjoy some video game journalism, but I increasingly think there needs to be a refocusing on criticism (and, to a point, there has been). I also believe that much of this criticism consists of a form of self-affirmation for writers who enjoy video games, as they tend to discuss the effect that video games have had on them rather than the games themselves.* This is an important subject, of course, as it draws personal connections and promotes shared experiences in an otherwise divided and sometimes nasty online culture. I will never argue against self-reflection. I do, however, think that we can do more.

I apologize if you’ve heard this before. More than anything, I want to hear feedback from those of you who have indulged in similar thoughts, so that we might learn more about this wonderful thing we choose to read and write about.

Finally, I want you to add me on Steam. The more I read and interact with the writings of others, the more disconnected I feel when I realize that I’ve never played a game with them. Online gaming has been an important part of my life, and I am always looking for a way to extend that experience. If anyone’s interested, I have been playing the heck out of Tribes: Ascend. Which reminds me, I should write about that game…

*An excellent breakdown here.

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