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Impressions: becoming Batman, growing as War

If you haven’t noticed, the Bombers’ Notebook is now on Twitter! Follow here. Last week, Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer wrote about his relationship with Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen. While exploring the player’s implicit responsibility for Shen’s actions, Abbott … Continue reading

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Unpacking Alan Wake: Episode 1

It is worth remembering that traditions are not the mechanical repetition of an inflexible form but rather a joyful play of variations and rejuvenations. – Jorge Luis Borges Reducing the impact of Alan Wake to the game’s predecessors is an … Continue reading

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Checking our pulse

First: Within the next week I will be posting a two-part discussion of Remedy’s Alan Wake. I’ve struggled for a long time (let’s say two months) with how to present what has turned out to be somewhat of an essay, … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure(?): Mass Effect and the illusion of choice

Much has been said about the denouement to the Mass Effect series, with a rather vocal segment of players decrying BioWare’s treatment of the franchise. Most fingers are pointed at the third game’s ending, an admittedly dismal affair that confines … Continue reading

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The first formalists: indie games and the signification of genre

With the Humble Indie Bundle V still at large, it’s difficult to avoid the praises slung at the various games on sale. Names such as Braid and Limbo have become synonymous with the independent scene, and are used to mark … Continue reading

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Impressions – an introduction

Or: reviews in miniature. As of my writing this, I have one hundred and seventy one separate game entries attributed to my Steam account. I’ve played all of them, beaten many, and have spent no more than five minutes on … Continue reading

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But wait! There’s more!

An addendum to the previous discussion, as Foucault has more surprises at hand.  In concrete terms, starting in the seventeenth century, this power over life evolved in two basic forms…One of these poles–the first to be formed, it seems–centered on … Continue reading

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