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Choose your own adventure(?): Mass Effect and the illusion of choice

Much has been said about the denouement to the Mass Effect series, with a rather vocal segment of players decrying BioWare’s treatment of the franchise. Most fingers are pointed at the third game’s ending, an admittedly dismal affair that confines … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure: Deus Ex and the mechanism of power

Choose your own adventure is a regular column exploring games which offer the player considerable narrative choices. Scroll down to continue reading, click through to skip to the end, or press ALT+F4 to return to the beginning. Last time in … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure: the amorality of New Vegas

But hey, not my fault I can’t say no! – Yes Man, Fallout: New Vegas The┬áreal Fallout 3, the last great WRPG, that really buggy game made by a developer no one knows about. Somehow, New Vegas has wormed itself … Continue reading

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