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Music month: Katamari, forever

There are a few games I am terrified to write about, but none are as persistent as Majora’s Mask and the Katamari series. This is in large part due to my relationship with the games: I am much too involved … Continue reading

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Music month: Audiosurf

When reading music and video game criticism, you’ll often come across the word “space.” For music, space is what exudes from the new Bats for Lashes album; it is the standard operating procedure of artists like Pantha du Prince. Space … Continue reading

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Music month/textual intercourse: the originality of licensed music

There are some who view video games as existing in a vacuum. To them, escapism is the highest function of entertainment–free from worrisome dialogues about art, ontology, and the consequences of their onscreen actions, they perceive their hobby as beyond … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2, torture, and the end of death

Rock, Paper Shotgun’s Jim Rossignol is right when he calls Borderlands 2 a “minor masterpiece.” The game accomplishes nearly everything it sets out to do, and as a result we are left with one great character in Handsome Jack* and … Continue reading

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Unpacking Alan Wake: Episode 2

We are afraid of something unnamed, of something, perhaps, in ourselves. In short, we turn on the light. – Virginia Woolf One of Alan Wake‘s most inspired creations is the in-game television show Night Springs. In a blatant homage to … Continue reading

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Blogs of the Round Table: violence & the vacuous subject

Photorealism is a fanciful dream that always pales when compared to brave aesthetics. Although I look forward to the day that I can enjoy a virtual walk (or run, or ride) through a metropolis teeming with verisimilitude or a forest … Continue reading

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Impressions: becoming Batman, growing as War

If you haven’t noticed, the Bombers’ Notebook is now on Twitter! Follow here. Last week, Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer wrote about his relationship with Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen. While exploring the player’s implicit responsibility for Shen’s actions, Abbott … Continue reading

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